U.N. warns Gaza "reaching point of no return

U.N. warns Gaza "reaching point of no return

The United Nations has issued a stern warning, stating that the situation in Gaza is rapidly approaching a critical juncture, often referred to as the “point of no return”. This alarming statement comes in the aftermath of the collapse of cease-fire negotiations between Israel and Hamas. In response to the breakdown of talks, the Israeli military has redirected its attention towards southern Gaza.

The UN Security Council is scheduled to vote on a ceasefire in the near future. This development has sparked increasing concerns about the fate of over 130 hostages currently held in Gaza. The situation remains volatile, with the international community keeping a close watch on the unfolding events. The potential for escalation has heightened the urgency for a resolution to prevent further deterioration of the already tense situation. The world awaits the outcome of the UN Security Council’s vote, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

U.N. warns Gaza Reaching point of no return U.N. warns Gaza Reaching point of no return




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